Mix It Easy

The ultimate goal of concrete production is to make good concrete that will satisfy
both customer and producer.

This starts with analyses of raw materials and proportioning of a basic concrete mix.
After this laboratory trials would normally berequired to verify the basic mix design
and concrete performance characteristics.

Based on the original mix design, a variety of mixes with different strength classes
and applications can be proportioned. This will extend the range of concrete mixes
that can be offered to customers.



The main task during concrete production is careful control of aggregate free moisture. The major characteristics of concrete performance,
like slump and strength, directly depend on the accuracy of aggregate free moisture control (strength is also indirectly affected due to
production yield deviation caused by poor aggregate moisture management).

Performing all the necessary calculations, designing, and proportioning concrete mixes is a time-consuming process, and managing aggregate
moisture variations during concrete batching is simply difficult, especially at non-automated plants.

Mix It Easy provides the tools that make the processes of concrete mix designs, laboratory trials, extending the range of concrete mixes and
concrete production effortless.


Mix It Easy© offers a number of modules:

MIX Design. This is based on volumetric material proportioning and allows for a number of material/concrete characteristics.
PSD - Particle Size Distribution. Allows for up to 3 different coarse aggregate and sands to be analysed.
SCM - Supplementary Cementitious Materials Calculator. Allows up to 2 SCM with different strength activity factors and different proportions.
MIX Proportion. Allows for very quick calculation of concrete ingredients to yield to specified volume. Also includes the trial batch module and COM calculation.
EBC - Electronic Batch Card. Displays batch (wet) weights of materials for selected mix design, slump, batch size, and selected (pre-determined) moisture factor.


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