Concrete Plant Quality Control/Quality Assurance and Certification

Concrete readymix plants full compliance with NZS 3104:2003 Specification for Concrete Production and with NZRMCA Plant Audit Scheme. Preparation for newly installed or non-certified plants and or companies for NZS 3104:2003 compliance and Plant Audit Certification.
Concrete readymix plant QC/QA systems set up that are in line with the local and international codes of practices.


Concrete Mix Optimisation

Cost reduction and improvement of mix performance.
This can be part of concrete plant QC/QA system or totally independent.
CBE Consultancy gained a considerable experience in concrete mix optimisation both in New Zealand and overseas. Cost saving up to 5-10% have been achieved.
For greater savings a BlueCONCRETE technology of G.tecz, which CBE Consultancy represents in New Zealand in Australia,  can be utilised.


Specialist Concrete Mix Engineering
Development of self-compacting concrete (SCC) to suit application. From material analysis and staff training to SCC mix designs, specification development and supervision of concreting.
Project tailored concrete mix designs. Advice on the mix design concepts to suit applications: industrial floors, fibre reinforced concrete (steel and synthetic), permeable concrete, flowable controlled low strength materials, and many others.
Development of High Performance Concrete (HPC) and Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) in association with G.tecz. Tell us what properties (fresh and/or hardened) of concrete you require and we will endeavour to deliver.

Precast Technologies
Self-compacting concrete (SCC)
Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC)
Quality Control and mix optimisation (cost reduction and performance improvement).
Hot water curing system efficiency improvement using mathematical modelling.
Magnetic shuttering systems and machinery and automatic custom designed production lines from Weckenmann.

Specialist Consultancy for Concrete Construction
Project related specifications.
Performance based specifications.
Review of existing and development of new specifications for concrete works.

Design for Durability

  • marine environment (chloride diffusion)
  • massive structures, temperature prediction and control (CRIA 600 method)

Training and Education
Staff training: different training for different staff categories.
All aspects of concrete and concrete technology:
- Basic
- Advanced
- Testing and QC/QA
- Concrete properties and concrete constituents
Customer specific
Educational seminars for engineers and architects.